Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Beauty Of A Single Man

I most recently watched the astounding film A Single Man by Tom Ford. And I have to say, the rumours were true...

It was every bit as visually titillating as the hype led me to believe. Tom Ford so eloquently captured the world through the eyes of our protagonist, George, played by Colin Firth. Each frame as beautifully memorable as the next. It truly makes me wish I could see the world in this way constantly; colour is all the more vivid, movement all the more slow and, ultimately beauty all the more astonishing, making every experience so much more potent. It's the little things he managed to capture so well.

The fashion of the time was also resurrected with almost military precision. It made me yearn to be of an era where everyone is dressed impeccably well. It made me wonder if there wasn't a soul in the film who did not play a part that seemed to wordship style. Evidently not.

You have to see it to believe it so go and watch it!

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