Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Art of Being A Dreamer

"I chose this path because it was the right one to choose and I'll walk all night if I have to."
-It is a saying I have created to remind me of the importance about having belief in your convictions and achieving those dreams, those aspirations.

I continue to dream because I continue to live. However I believe the true art of being a dreamer is not to live out the day emersed in your dreams but it is to realize them. Make them no longer fictional fascinations in your mind but propel them into the realm of reality. 'Make it happen', so to speak.

Don't be fooled. Know that the road ahead may be a long one but find comfort in knowing that you'll never reach your desired destination if you remain, forever and always stood still.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


These enchanting notions that float in with spring.
Calm is the day, when you peer through that sun drenched haze.
And you lay there. Go on. Soak it up.
The sun, The breeze.
The softness of a petals touch
As it grazes your face, so gentle.
Oh if only this state of slumber could last.
Beneath these trees in this very park.
And spring this year it seems
Reminds me of my most slow and heavy dreams.
I promise to let the fullness of my skirt billow out.
I promise to not be concerned with grass stains or feel the need to shout.
Spring is approaching
and through the tranquility of this haze
I see prints of miniture florals that my grandmother would treasure,
I see multitudes of colour as diluted as my mood,
Then just when my dreamy state gives way
the pupils of my half-open eyes dilate
I feel a sudden shudder of unapologetic, remarkable colour! -

Oh how you take my breath away...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Fantasy That I Deserve

In this time of bleak and sorrow. It seems that what would serve us best is an escape. This poses a certain question; In the world of haute couture and pret-a-porter fashion is it a designers duty to reflect the times we are in or offer us a sense of diversion and escapism with designs that are so far removed from all that we currently know?

This global economic downturn has seen the glistening English penny dull to a dirty shade of muted copper. So do we wish the clothes to shout and wow us or should they speak only in whispers?

It is my view that although subtlety is a trait so definitive of the word chic. Even in this wretched time I still want to covet the clothes I certainly cannot afford, now more than ever. I want to be whisked away into the fantasy of high fashion with every flick of a magazine. My stomach so far remains empty and my mouth dry. I deserve to be filled up on haute couture!

JENNY PACKHAM; Quench my thirst with colour so bright...

ROKSANDA ILINCIC; Feed my appetite with shape so bold...

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN & MIU MIU; Taunt my vertigo and enable me to reach the greatest of heights...

HERMES, PUCCI & GIVENCHY; Appeal to my senses with those guilty pleasures of touch. Reptile-skin, fur, I can never get enough!

...And with that, I am left satisfied.