Friday, 23 October 2009

Elliot for Love

So I have a new fetish, Love magazine. The typography, the interviews, the attention to detail in each and every editorial, the ability they have to recognise the fashion anti-heros of our generation. They seem to not be fascinated by the super-celebrity but show appreciation for those that lurk on the bottom rungs of the 'attention' ladder. The indie kid, the rocker, the true, unthanked trendsetters that stalk the cobbled streets of England.

So when university set a task to recreate, by any means necessary, a magazine cover... Naturally, Love was my first and only choice.

I roped in a friend. Went to work on a Sunday and tediously slaved over Photoshop. Here it is... not Alex, but Elliot, 19, dead animal collector and funny man from Edenbridge...

check out the real love magazine here.